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                  It seems important to us to present to readers the living conditions in which the Haitian population evolves.

                Haiti is a country rich in history and cultures. Country of colony, it is the only country in the world where the slave revolts succeeded and allowed the establishment of a free and independent country, in 1804.

             Haiti is also a country of contrast. Island shared with the Dominican Republic, a tropical country, formed by mountain ranges and a long coastline. A country of cyclones and earthquakes, there are many environmental problems.

            Haiti is also a country with a very low standard of living, overpopulated, under-industrialized where social tensions are high. Coups d'etats alternate with natural disasters. There are many social problems: educational, health, energy, unemployment,…. And made worse by the coronavirus.

           Haiti has a strong past of slavery, a mixture of African and Indian cultures, with the dominance of French culture, more and more marked by the surrounding countries, the United States and the Latin countries.

        Haiti is also a country of traditions, voodoo, culture, represented by literature, painting, crafts and music.

              Haiti is a very endearing country, the population is very welcoming. But it is a country where it is difficult to live and where difficulties arise from all sides. Insecurity reigns supreme, kidnapping brings enormous stress to the desperate population.

               To better understand, we invite you to read our various articles presenting the country and sociological conditions.

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