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The objectives of Fodep

             The vision of the FODEP is to achieve a general well-being of the population and children in particular, in the world but particularly and urgently in Haiti. The current conditions are characterized by a malaise, a malaise of the great majority of the population. Basic human and children's rights are no longer respected.

              Our objectives are to continue and expand actions in favor of a population in a situation of great precariousness and growing pauperization, thanks to our experiences acquired over several decades, in education and training programs. , health and development and a perpetual struggle for respect for human and children's rights.

           This work has already enabled many young people to avoid falling into the cycle of juvenile delinquency and armed gangs.

          Education is an essential tool to improve a person's quality of life and provides him with the possibility of escaping poverty and a better opportunity for his future and his family.

        Also, our first priority is to maintain and improve the functioning of the two Saint-Alphonse schools in Cité Soleil and Fourgy, Croix des Bouquets. These schools receive, in normal times, more than a thousand pupils coming from disadvantaged districts and living in situations of extreme precariousness. They have good academic results and enjoy a good reputation within the municipality.

         But our actions in the future will be much broader, by participating in all programs in favor of a better respect for elementary rights and aimed at improving the quality of life, in particular of children and Haitian youth. .

        Our priority educational objectives are to fight against inequality in teaching and to allow better working conditions for our teachers and better learning conditions for students.

            How are we going to get there?

         By collaborating with our main current funders and this for many years, which are SOS ENFANTS which contributes more than 75% of the budget, the Association of citizens of NIDDA (12%) and APAM (8%).

          We want to gradually participate in this effort by seeking funds to supplement an insufficient and often difficult budget.

                 Our priority objectives are to improve the living and working conditions of employees to eliminate the frustrations due to poverty and to improve the learning conditions of students and their development.


the living and working conditions of employees

The salaries of the employees and in particular of the teachers are very insufficient and deserve a wide reassessment so that they can meet the essential demands of their family life and their work.

We are also studying the implementation of certain social benefits.

Continuing education for teachers

Student development activities

           Most teachers, especially primary school teachers, are not specifically trained in education. Continuous training is essential to maintain a good quality of education

18 Equipe de direction Fourgy.jpg

            For a better awakening and development of the pupils, various activities are to be proposed such as recreational days, parties, sports activities, laboratory, computer, distribution of tablets, internet access, library,….


             We are counting on the participation of all those who feel concerned and in particular the former young beneficiaries of these actions in order to fight at our level against this growing impoverishment of the majority of the Haitian population.

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