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We have three long-standing partners, our backers since the very beginning of our interventions in Haiti, for the operation of the two Saint-Alphonse schools.


Our partners

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SOS Children humanitarian association

            Since 1983, the SOS ENFANTS association has taken charge of the operation of the Saint-Alphonse schools , up to 75 to 80% of the budget, but also many other accompanying actions, such as: health and development programs, the school canteen, reconstruction, equipment, organization of cultural programs, training, micro-credits, monitoring academics, making uniforms or purchasing school books and libraries.

To get in touch or follow the actions of SOS Enfants:


The association of citizens of Nidda (Germany), Bürgerverein Nidda,


          Continue the support given to us very early, in 1986, by Mr. Heining Lupp from the construction company "Lupp SA", established in Haiti. The Association of citizens of Nidda has always given us their support, until now, for the operation of the two Saint-Alphonse schools, to the tune of approximately 15,000 usd per year.


Association for the Promotion of Education through the Diffusion of World Arts

            Also gave us their support very early (1985), thanks to the dynamism and altruism of Marie Françoise Matouk, its President and her husband, Jean Matouk. We pay a very warm tribute to Marie Françoise and Jean who recently passed away.

               APAM continues their unwavering support with two annual transfers.



We warmly thank these three organizations, without whom it would not have been possible to maintain the operation of the two schools Saint-Alphonse, Cité Soleil and Fourgy. We thank all the members of these organizations who have participated, in one way or another, in making possible our actions towards the Haitian population and in particular children from particularly very disadvantaged neighborhoods.

We would also like to thank all the following organizations and individuals who have participated, in their own way, in the realization of our activities: Dr Jean Thomas, Sister Anne, Sister Thérèse, Jacqueline Delamotte, Anne Marie Colomé, Richard Arsenault, Father Henri Le Boursiquot de la Abbé Pierre Foundation, Eau de vie (France), Artisans du Monde (Nantes), Médecins du Monde, Agir, the French Embassy, ​​the French Institute of Haiti, the French high school in Haiti, the European Union, Echo, the BND, the PAM, the CRS, AVSI, the DCC, the Fonhep, the Volontaires du Progrès, the Association "le sillage", Enfants Soleil, the canton of Saint-Lys (SOS Enfants), the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées, the Regional Council of Guadeloupe,, OIM, Concern, Eau de vie (Brazil), the Fondation de France, the Fisheries Department of the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture, the Haitian Civil Protection.

               Our latest partner, CONEPADH , a French association, based in Paris and which operates in Haiti in the fields of education, training, supervision, the environment and jobs. A partnership has been established between our two organizations to mutually reinforce our actions in favor of young people and children of Haiti.

To follow CONEPADH   

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