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The news

                FODED , created on August 1, 2020, is based on the experience of nearly 40 years in Haiti of its main Founder, Denis Puthiot and all his collaborators. This News section highlights all the actions undertaken for the benefit of the Haitian population and in particular children. The action programs focused on Education, Training, Health and Development.

                  This presentation of News revolves around three main points:

History of the Saint-Alphonse Schools in Cité Soleil - Haiti

                From 1982, under the presidency of Jean-Claude Duvalier and his “tontons macoutes”, after a 6-month experience in Cap-Haitien with the “Kredo”, we immersed ourselves in the Cité Soleil, with the creation of the School mixed Saint-Alphonse.

              We therefore invite you to discover a history of the Ecole Saint-Alphonse and their development up to the present day. The Saint-Alphonse de Cité Soleil school was the central point from which actions were developed across the country.

Our experiences

             This part takes a bit of all the actions and as many experiences acquired from 1981 to the present day. It is divided into three main parts:

Education / Training - Health - Development

             Haiti is a difficult country, there is a lot to do but many pitfalls are on the way.

          Certain initiatives have worked well with many positive results, but several others have remained in the final stages of projects without finding outlets or financial means to carry them out or ensure their sustainability, especially in the development field.

          We hope that with Fodep and your support, we will manage to perpetuate these many actions and create a development dynamic to materialize our desire to improve the living conditions of many families who rely on us a lot in these really very very difficult times. that crosses the country

Various articles

               The third part invites you to discover for those who do not really know Haiti and the special conditions that the population lives, some presentations of life in Haiti.

                First, brief presentations of the History and Geography of Haiti , then of the Cité Soleil where the Saint-Alphonse School was founded.

             Then, the living conditions in Haiti, on the themes of Education, Health, Environment, Childhood, everyday problems but also on the very rich Haitian culture .

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