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Fodep in brief

             Denis Puthiot, French volunteer, who entered Haiti on January 7, 1982, is at the origin of numerous educational, health and development actions in favor of the Haitian population and children in particular. These actions have enabled tens of thousands of young Haitians, girls and boys, from disadvantaged backgrounds, to return to active life and found a home, in Haiti or abroad, without sinking into the cycle of juvenile delinquency. The actions continue with the Saint-Alphonse schools in Cité Soleil and Fourgy.

               On the strength of these experiences acquired in nearly four decades with his many Haitian collaborators, a foundation, the Denis Puthiot Foundation or FODEP, was set up in order to continue and expand these actions in favor of the population and children of Haiti. , in particular, by a motivated Haitian team.


Our vision

        Our vision is to achieve a general well-being of the population and of children in particular, as a priority in Haiti, by fighting for the respect of fundamental human rights, by a strong and motivated Haitian team.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote, supervise and coordinate the various actions through education, training, health, development and cultural programs.

  • Authorization from the town hall

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              The idea is also to bring together all these young people who have been able to benefit in their time, in one way or another, so that they can, in turn, participate in it on behalf of their sisters and brothers.

             The FODEP, created on August 1, 2020 is directed by a Board of Directors, composed of ten Founding Members, assisted by an Executive Board of five members, composed of:


  • Mr. Denis Puthiot : General Coordinator , Founder

  • Mr. Georges Evens Toussaint : Secretary , Director of Saint-Alphonse de Cite Soleil

  • Mrs Marie Bénita Turenne : Treasurer

  • Mr. Wilfrid Jean : Deputy General Coordinator , President of CASA

  • Mr. Bernadin Emilio : Deputy Coordinator , member of CASAF

           The FODEP also includes a Consultative Assembly, made up of Active Members of the foundation and Adherent or Donor Members. Everyone can express themselves freely and make recommendations within these assemblies.

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