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            We make a special appeal to the beneficiaries and actors of the actions carried out in Haiti by the Honorary President, “Maître Denis”.

             The FODEP would like to bring together all the former beneficiaries who would like to participate with it in its actions, by becoming either an Adherent Member or an Active Member, for those who are there, by filling out a form with their presentation and their background, their history.

              We know that there are many of you, tens of thousands of young people, beneficiaries or actors, in one way or another, of the actions of Saint-Alphonse schools and other actions of the last four decades, disseminated in Haiti and across the world. Many are ready, in one way or another, to lend their support and participate in the maintenance of the activities of the Saint-Alphonse schools, in the sustainability of the actions and their expansion.

                We know that the current economic situation, deplorable in Haiti, is currently quite difficult around the world, due to the Covid 19 pandemic which is raging all over the world with the economic consequences that it entails, but everyone knows this maxim " men anpil, chay pa lou " (with many hands, the load becomes light).

              The situation in Haiti is much more difficult at present, the population is fighting against extreme food insecurity and rampant insecurity.

The students of Saint-Alphonse need you urgently.


            We would like to thank in advance all the former beneficiaries of the actions carried out who in turn want to help all these children and young people, students, in a particularly catastrophic situation and thus participate in their well-being.

Your participation can be done in several ways:

  • Become an active member, member or donor of the Foundation

  • Send his story, his journey, his testimony, photos

  • Make a one-time or regular donation

  • Make a monthly commitment through collective sponsorship

  • Find potential donors or sponsors and put them in contact with the Foundation

  • Carry out fundraising in favor of the Foundation

  • Disseminate the Foundation's website around you and share your Facebook page, by providing it with messages, photos and more

  • Propose articles meeting the objectives and needs of the foundation

  • Commit at his level to the proper functioning of the foundation

  • Make proposals or comments to the foundation

  • Participate in a network of "former beneficiaries" for exchange, sharing, testimony and proposal

  • Enter as an Adherent Member in the FODEP members area

               We would like each former beneficiary or actor who feels concerned by our actions to become an Adherent or Active Member which will allow them to stay in contact with Fodep and other former members on



                A special call is launched to send beautiful photos on all the activities of the FODEP, the Saint-Alphonse Schools, even old ones, and to illustrate the proposed articles (See our articles)

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