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APPEL       AUX       DONS

                 FODEP intends to continue and expand actions in favor of the well-being of the Haitian population and in particular of children. In the emergency, we launch a vibrant appeal to all those whom the current situation of the population challenges, natural or legal person, to concentrate urgently on the functioning of the Saint-Alphonse Schools which remain very fragile and insufficient. Education is an essential tool to improve the quality of life of the population.

                 We want to participate, as a matter of urgency, in the operation of the Saint-Alphonse Schools of Cité Soleil and Fourgy, in collaboration with our current funders, SOS Enfants, Apam and Nidda.

                 The budget of these schools does not meet the needs of decent salaries of employees and the resumption or improvement of ancillary activities, such as the canteen, teacher training, student development, sports and cultural activities, purchase of educational materials, school health, renovation and maintenance of premises and emergency response to health requirements in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic.

                  The significant appreciation, from August 2020, of the gourde against the US dollar decreases the budget of schools dependent on foreign aid.

                 This emergency does not prevent other ad hoc actions in favor of improving the lives of children or the Haitian population in distress.

           participations can take many forms.

1- Make a one-time donation

             You want to make a one-time donation to help run schools and their activities

2- Sponsor schools

                  This is a collective sponsorship, either from a student from Cité Soleil or from Fourgy. Sponsors regularly receive news from schools. This sponsorship can be done either monthly, quarterly or annually.

3- Make a donation for a specific project

                With a minimum amount of 15,000 gourdes for Haiti and

$ 300 or € 300 or equivalent for abroad. A choice is offered, according to our programs.

           For a larger subsidy, a contract in several parts of the subsidy and interim reports may be drawn up.

With your participation, it will be possible for us to:

  1. Improve student learning conditions

  2. Improve the working conditions of teachers

  3. Giving a hot meal essential for learning

  4. Achieve personal development of children

  5. Improve the well-being of the population

  6. Fight for the sacred rights of children

  7. Enabling young people to return to active life better armed

  8. Fight against juvenile delinquency very present in Haiti

  9. Fight against insalubrity, promote reforestation

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