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      After nearly four decades of experiences in Education, Training, Health and Development, the members of FODEP are mobilizing to continue and expand actions in HAITI , in favor of the population in distress and children, in particular in Cité Soleil. and its surroundings.

     The socio-political situation in Haiti, already catastrophic for several years, is sinking day after day into the abyss.

      It is characterized by malaise, an almost general malaise of the population, growing pauperization with generalized insecurity.



         Haiti is ranked 15th poorest country in the world in the IMF ranking for 2021.

This state of affairs is unbearable for us and encourages us to challenge all those who feel concerned.

         The FODEP is launching a cry of alarm and calls for solidarity to be mobilized. We call especially all former recipients of our actions, which amount pe r dozen thousands, to join our efforts to improve the situation of the Haitian people. We must unite to, together, improve the situation of people and children in great difficulty in disadvantaged neighborhoods, in particular in the Cité Soleil and its surroundings, with priority actions in education, health and the fight against unhealthy living conditions. neighborhoods, through the Saint-Alphonse Schools .

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Education is a fundamental right which allows young people to flourish in their social life and their future. It offers important opportunities to improve their living conditions and their families.

Health is essential for a better life. The extreme food insecurity of the moment favors all kinds of diseases. Support for school health and the canteen is inseparable from education.

Beyond the development programs, the fight against environmental problems, deforestation and unhealthy neighborhoods is essential to arrive at a well-being of the population.

Our vision

      The vision of FODEP is deeply rooted in a set of fundamental values ​​and objectives for the well-being of the population and of children in particular. The main actions are: Education, Health, Development and Environment.

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Reasons to support us

    The situation is critical, it is only with your participation that we will be able to improve the situation of as many families as possible. Supporting us means removing our extremely precarious brothers and sisters and giving them hope for a better tomorrow. The members of FODEP are well aware of the reality on the ground, the priorities and the needs. Your donations will go directly, without intermediaries, to the beneficiaries.

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25 US per month allows a child to go to school and have a hot meal


With your participation, it will be possible for us to:

  • Improve student learning conditions

  • Improve the living and working conditions of teachers

  • Giving a hot meal essential for learning

  • Achieve personal development of children and young people

  • Improve the well-being of the population

  • Fight for the sacred rights of children

  • Enabling young people to return to active life better armed

  • Fight against juvenile delinquency very present in Haiti

  • Fight against insalubrity, promote reforestation

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Together to improve the well-being of the population and of children in Haiti
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