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Our priorities

           The priorities of FODEP are urgently educational actions, the very basis of development and change in the lives of Haitian families and are, in order of importance, the following:


        1) Participate in the operation of Saint-Alphonse schools

Cité Soleil and Fourgy, by supporting salary and operating expenses, in addition to current donors.

        This can be done in the form of one-off donations or sponsorships.

        2) Support emergency programs, such as:

  • The functioning of the school canteen

  • Continuing education for teachers

  • The purchase of educational or administrative material

  • Carrying out cultural and leisure activities

  • School health


      3) Participate in support programs for schools

  • Renovation of premises (painting, lessons, etc.)

  • Renovation and purchase of school or administrative furniture

  • Support for school and community health

  • Support for libraries

  • Support for certain pupils in great difficulty

  • Community cleaning


        4) Participate in programs to set up

  • Micro credit program for parents of students

  • Literacy program (youth and adults)

  • Professional workshops

  • School gardens

  • IT workshop

  • Laboratory

  • Repair of electrical or water supply installations

  • Income-generating projects for better school autonomy

  • Support for street children

  • Actions for the respect of human rights and of children in particular

  • Actions for the dissemination of Haitian culture and cultural activities

  • Support for young people at university or professional level

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