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School health

               FODEP wants to work to improve the living conditions of the population and of children in particular. Its two main actions are Education and Health.

            School health is therefore a major concern for Fodep and we intend to do specific work for this. To have better control of the health of students at Saint-Alphonse schools, we have a dispensary run by a qualified nurse in each of the schools.

             We want to strengthen health actions which consist of three specific actions: systematic screening of children from kindergarten to philosophy , the school canteen, medical follow-up at the dispensary for the necessary consultations and medical follow-ups.

    Screening is done at the start of the school year. The children undergo a complete medical examination in groups of 10, by class and by sex.

The child is carefully examined from head to toe. A medical file is established for each student with his weight and height noted at each check-up as well as all medical observations, follow-ups and references. A dose of Vit A and anti-parasite is systematically given to him during these screening visits.

This medical file will contain all the observations and care given during the year at each consultation at the dispensary. It will also contain the references of the responsible person and any references. He will follow the student throughout his schooling.

             Many cases requiring small surgical interventions such as malformations, phimosis, umbilical and inguinal hernias, hydrocele, hypospadias and other genital ailments or special medical follow-ups are detected during these systematic consultations. We also record many cases of dental ailments, earwax plugs affecting hearing, vision problems, wounds, fevers, scabies, skin problems, yeast infections, diarrhea, cough, conjunctivitis, anemia, asthma, abdominal pain, under nutrition. and others.


      The school canteen allows children a better nutritional balance necessary for their health and better learning. The SOS Enfants association currently allows us to organize a school canteen over two to three days a week, which is still insufficient. We would also like to improve the quantity and quality of meals offered.

      The dispensary allows students to be monitored throughout the school year. Each pupil can, if he feels the need or on the advice of his teacher, ask to go to the dispensary. The management then gives him a memo allowing him to access it. He will then be consulted and treated. The observations, treatments and follow-ups will be mentioned in his medical file. The responsible person may be notified as appropriate. If this exceeds the competence of the nurse, the child will be referred to a competent service and the responsible person informed.

              A doctor will be attached to the services of the schools to see the cases requiring his opinion. Likewise, it is necessary to have a psychologist attached to the schools for mental health follow-ups. Steps are being taken for this.

            Likewise, the nurse is responsible, together with the management of the organization of the health measures taken for the Covid 19 epidemic.


      Life-saving class

             We would also like to set up first aid and first aid courses in secondary school classes in Fourgy.

           These different services have a major financial impact on schools. This program requires regular funding.

         The main expenses of this program consist of: Purchase of sanitary and office furniture, Medical equipment, Medical and hygiene supplies, Office supplies, Medicines, Costs for doctor and psychologist, Fund for medical follow-up of students

        Any specific help for school health will be welcome and we thank all the people and organizations interested in this program.

        The participations can be made either by regular sponsorship, or by donation of specific project: School health .

        External consultation programs are possible. We have premises that housed a small hospital and even an operating room. The premises are currently empty, without materials.

        We can accommodate any form of health programs, for students and the surrounding community.

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