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Classroom renovation project

of the Saint-Alphonse - Cité Soleil and Fourgy schools


Painting of school rooms

            The premises of the two schools are in poor condition in terms of paintings. The two schools are located in neighborhoods not far from the sea and the paintings deteriorate rapidly. The Saint-Alphonse premises in Cité Soleil are already nearly 10 years old (reconstruction after the 2010 earthquake). Those of Fourgy are even older. The humidity and the salty air due to the proximity of the sea degrade the paintings fairly quickly.

            We are therefore launching this project to paint the premises to give the premises a facelift, to welcome students, parents and employees in more pleasant and sanitary conditions. Original water-based paints will be scraped off and replaced with oil paints which will last much longer and will not degrade easily.

            Each of the two schools has about 25 rooms or more.

      Preschool 3 classrooms

      Primary 6 rooms

      Secondary 7 rooms

      Direction 4 rooms

     Other 5 rooms (canteen, depots, dispensaries, library and others)


             We have prepared a quote for a typical room, interior and exterior (the front), of approximately 50 m2. However, not all rooms have the same surface.

Quote for a room of 10m X 5m or 50 m2 (Interior and exterior)

  • 4 gallons of white paint 6,000 gdes

  • 6 gallons of color paint 9,000

  • 2 cabi buckets 500

  • 2 rolls 500

  • 2 brushes 2 ″ 150

  • 2 brushes 4 ″ 350

  • 12 shortbread sheets 500

  • 1 scraper 2 ″ 150

  • 1 scraper 4 ″ 325

  • MO 7,500 Total 24,975 gourdes or 328 usd


Cost of a 50 m2 room: 328 usd


           The paintings can be done class by class as the funding progresses. If a person or an organization wants to finance one or more classrooms, their name can be registered there if they wish.

               A person or organization can even choose the class and the school if they wish and if the class in question has not yet been repainted.

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