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                  Presentation of Mr. PUTHIOT Denis Founder and Honorary President of FODEP

Nickname: Maître Denis

His career, his actions in Haiti


Denis was born in Algeria in 1956, of French nationality.

Baccalaureate D in 1976 in Melun (France).

Training as a psychiatric nurse (diploma obtained in December 1979).

He worked at the Specialized Hospital of Villejuif from 1977 to December 1981.

He is a member of Enfance et Partage (France), then of SOS Enfants, created in March 1982, following his departure for Haiti.

He made a first stay in Haiti in July 1981 to meet beneficiaries of the Enfance et Partage actions.

He returned to Haiti on January 7, 1982, as a Volunteer Volunteer.

He accompanied for 7 months, from January to July 1982, in Cap Haitien, the Community of Sharks and Dolphins , working on the rehabilitation of young delinquents, former prisoners of prison.

He settled in July 1982 in the Cité Soleil where he founded a small school with a young pastor.

Co Founder and Director of the Ecole Mixte Saint-Alphonse in January 1983 at the Cité Soleil

Representative of SOS Enfants from January 1983 to 2018

  • Education (1,200 Cité Soleil students) since 1983

  • Literacy

  • Training (Fonhep, DCC, French Institute)

  • Dispensary (1990), Nutritional recovery center (1997)

  • School and community health

  • Vocational training, Development, Orphanage (until 1999)

Co-Founder of the OEP, Organization of Provincial Schools , bringing together 30 schools, from April 1993 to 2001

School canteen programs, school health and teacher training, construction assistance, establishment of libraries


Project Manager

  • ECHO , (European Union) School and community health, Nutritional center 1994 to 1998

  • European Union , health project from March 1998 to October 1999

  • French Cooperation Mission , integrated development project October 1999 to July 2000


  • Construction and operation of a henhouse (broilers and eggs) from 1995 to 1999


Co Founder and Coordinator of the “Terra Viva” Foundation in Jacmel in 2000

  • Integrated development programs


Director of a fishing project in Jacmel from 2001 to 2005

  • Promotion and development of fishing, Training, income generating project


Administrator of the Fourgy Hospital Center from 2000 to 2004 then of the Fourgy Medical Educational Complex (CMEF) from 2004 to 2006.


Mobile clinic programs in the departments of Artibonite, West, Nippes and South from 2000 to 2008


Administrator of the FHAPROJED Foundation in 2007


Administrator of the APROPED association (Thomazeau) from 2007 to 2010 Fish farming


Co Manager of a maritime project , fishing, sale of fish, cabotage with a boat, the "Marie Aimée", from Port-au-Prince to Anse d'Hainaut (Grande Anse) in 2008


Responsible for the reconstruction programs of the Saint-Alphonse school premises from 2010 to 2015


Co Founder and Coordinator of GRAHDD (Mirebalais) from 2010 to 2016

  • Agricultural farm, fish farming (Tilapia), Training


Co Founder and Vice-President of SONAPRAI , National Company of Agricultural and Industrial Productions from 2010 to 2016 (Mirebalais and Les Cayes)


Team setting up of a post-earthquake integrated village project in collaboration with TENTA (Canada) 2010-11 (project without follow-up due to lack of funding)


Member of CASA (Board of Directors of Ecole Mixte Saint-Alphonse), as Founder and Advisor, from 1999 to the present day


Member of CASAF (Board of Directors of the Mixed School Saint-Alphonse de Fourgy), as Founder and Advisor, from 2012 to the present day


The direct beneficiaries of its actions are tens of thousands of people.


Honorary President and General Coordinator of the “Denis Puthiot” Foundation, the “ FODEP ”, in August 2020


  • SOS Enfants receives the International Human Rights Prize from Journal Lacroix (France), in December 1987 for the action carried out at Cité Soleil - Haiti


  • Named Chevalier de l'Ordre du Mérite by the President of the French Republic on May 13, 1996 for his actions in Haiti.


  • Married in 2008 to Marie Bénita, Haitian, founded a family made up of two children, Astride Diana and Leïssa Camille.

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