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Our experiences

               From July 1981 to the present day, for nearly four decades (40 years), the actions of Denis Puthiot, Principal Founder of FODEP, with his many Haitian collaborators, have multiplied across the country.

             The mixed school Saint-Alphonse, located in Cité Soleil, was created in 1982 and was the starting point of many actions with so many experiences.

             The recurring problems in Haiti are numerous and the choice of actions quickly fell on Education and Training, the basis of any change in the life of the population, including children.

             Children's health , in a deplorable state, quickly became an emergency, and health and food programs developed in parallel. These educational and health programs have spread throughout the country to fight against rural emigration.

                 Numerous development actions have emerged to supplement these programs, some concretely, others remaining in the project stage, the funding not following.

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Education / Training

                        Thanks to the FODEP, we want to move forward and carry out sustainable development actions to improve the lot of the Haitian population who have fallen into growing pauperization. Our field experience allows us to understand the situation and the difficulties most often encountered.

                          Together we can improve the lot of the Haitian people.

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