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Teacher training

Teacher training seminar

Theme: Reading and writing technique


                   It is very important for students to have a good basis in reading and writing in the fundamental learning which will condition their schooling. It is necessary to organize seminars for preschool and primary teachers, most of the time not having the optimal qualifications to achieve these ends and have a quality education.

Objectives : To sensitize teachers to master and develop techniques for learning to read and write.

Specific objectives : Develop a dynamism among teachers for the design of methods and the animation of reading, language and writing sessions for young children.

Beneficiaries : Teachers in preschool classes, from 1st AF to 3rd AF of Cité Soleil and Fourgy schools.

Number of participants : 20

Number of speakers : 2

Duration of the seminar : 5 days

Hours : 5 hours per day, with 1 hour lunch break, i.e. 25 hours of training

Monday to Friday, during school holidays

Training space: The space will either be at the Saint-Alphonse school in Cité Soleil or in Fourgy, depending on the conditions at the time. Both schools have many premises that can accommodate this training.



Training schedule

Hours                   Monday        Tuesday          Wednesday       Thursday        Friday

7:30  to 8 a.m.        Café              Café                  Café                   Café              Café

8h-12h               Technical       Technical             Technical         Technical        Technical

                                write               write                     read                 read             reminder

12 pm-1pm        Meal break       Meal break        Meal break       Meal break         Meal break

1 p.m. to 2 p.m.     Workshop         Workshop         Workshop       Workshop       Workshop

                                   work               work                   work                  work               work 

2 p.m. - 3 p.m.                                                                                                        Photo session                                                                                                                 Presentation of certificates




Seminar budget


Training materials : (Notebooks, pens, documents and others) 35,000 gourdes

Food costs : Coffee 50 gdes, meal 350 gdes and drink 50 gdes per participant, i.e. an amount of 500g per participant per day.

Or a total of 50,000 gourdes

Costs for the speakers : For the two speakers                       37,500 gourdes

Travel costs for participants 500g / participants                    10,000 gourdes

Certificates                                                                                25,000 gourdes

Administrative management fees                                            15,000 gourdes


Miscellaneous, Contingencies                                                 10,000 gourdes

                                                           Or a grand total of 182,500 Gourdes

                            Or, at current rates 2,465 Usd     Or 2200 Euros

              Other seminars will follow for teachers from both schools, on different themes or levels.

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