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Presentation of the Fourgy Mixed School  Saint-Alphonse 
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             The mixed school Saint-Alphonse de Fourgy (EMSAF) is a mixed institution working in the educational field in an area bordering the municipality of Cité Soleil and that of Croix des Bouquets, opened in September 2005. Our motto is to train citizens of tomorrow. We are a non-profit institution, the education of children is our priority. This is the reason why the majority of our students were born to parents who had difficulty paying their tuition fees, from disadvantaged neighborhoods. They are often marginalized children.

                   The school has a primary section located on a plot of 2,500 m², located behind the center, with many buildings and a canteen / kitchen.

                  The secondary section, from 7th AF to Philo (Bac) is located on the front part, on a plot of approximately 3,700 m².

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               Our mission is to provide these children with adequate and balanced training in order to combat the phenomenon of juvenile delinquency.


             The 2019-2020 school year is a year that has been very disturbed by socio-political problems, called "country lock". The opening date was set for September 2, 2019 but given the instability, the school was unable to open during three months of political upheaval. An attempt to reopen in December, without uniforms, turned out to be understaffed.

                 On January 13, the school was able to open its doors without too much difficulty for two months with a control exam in March. The government has decided to close schools on March 19, 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

              The numbers for this period from December 19 to March 20 are 170 for the primary section (84 girls and 84 boys) and 352 for the secondary section (183 girls and 169 boys).

               Many students, especially primary, did not show up this year because of the unrest and insecurity.


              The Ministry of National Education has announced a gradual reopening of classes. August 10 for the 9th year and Philo classes, undergoing the official exams and August 17 for the other classes. The MENFP has issued formal instructions for school officials to comply with all instructions and barrier measures against Covid 19 disease, but without providing any help.

                    This is how high school students started again on August 10, primary students on September 1.

                   Exceptionally, in relation to the extreme insecurity reigning in the Cité Soleil, the school of Fourgy has welcomed all the secondary students of the Saint-Alphonse School of the Cité Soleil since August 10 so that they can follow the lessons. serenely.

                 It is required at school, as far as possible, to wear a mask, respect for social distancing of 1m50 and hand washing in water tanks in several places of the yard so that the students can relax. wash your hands regularly. We also ask teachers to educate students about Covid 19 and health risks.

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