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         The FODEP comprises a Consultative Assembly made up of Active Members, Adherent Members and Donor Members (from 100,000 gdes or 1,500 usd, 1,500 € or equivalent of donations).

           This assembly meets once a year to hear the reports of the Board of Directors, discuss actions and make proposals or recommendations. It also has the power to elect one or more members to the Board of Directors, if necessary. Only active Members, in good standing, can participate in the votes.

         The Active Members are beneficiaries of the actions of the Honorary President, Mr. Denis Puthiot, who actively participate, on site, in the life of the foundation and meet the prerequisite conditions. The membership fee is 1,000 gourdes , payable before January 15 of each year.

                                  See our C onditions of active member

           Adherent Members are all natural or legal persons, beneficiaries or not, who want to support the foundation and pay an annual subscription, before January 15 of each year, of 2,000 gourdes for Haiti and 40 usd or 40 € or equivalent for the foreigner . For legal persons (organizations): 10,000 gourdes or 150 usd or 150 € or equivalent.

         We therefore make a vibrant appeal to all those who feel concerned by the well-being of the children of these most underprivileged neighborhoods of Haiti, to become a full member to support the Foundation. This does not prevent participating otherwise by donation or sponsorship.

Conditions for being an Active Member

  1. To be an honest and credible woman or man.

  2. Be at least 18 years old;

  3. Never have been condemned to an afflicting and infamous sentence.

  4. Be a former or current student, employee or beneficiary of the actions of the Principal Founder.

  5. Be presented to the Board of Directors by two active members in good standing for at least one year.

  6. Adhere to the objectives of the Foundation.

  7. Undertake to respect the statutes and internal regulations of the Foundation.

  8. Get actively involved in the regular activities of the Institution.

  9. Actively participate in the various meetings of the Institution.

  10. Regularly pay membership dues which are 1,000 gourdes.

Process to be a Full or Active Member

1- Fill out the Integration Form

2-   Pay the membership fee

3- Board approval and registration

4- Sending of Member notification by the Bureau

Integration form

Information with * is required


Contributions paid after November 1

are valid for the following year

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